Online Identity

Since 2008, the recession of Vietnam economy makes bad news, rumors, pressure of the press become the forces threatening brands’ prestige and reputation in every aspect and scale.
What you will get:

Tracking, planning options, coordinating to solve communication crisis in every online channel with traditional crisis management options.

 Collecting and controlling the information relating to the brand on the Internet. Automatically detecting bad news as soon as possible on the Internet in order to preventing crisis from spreading.

 Gathering the latest information relating to current company’s online marketing campaigns. Analyzing these results to determine customers’ insights about the brand.

What we offer:

— Social media guidelines

— Search insurance

— Search analytic

— Online brand image

— Influencer backup

— Social media profiles

— Business listing profiles

— Community around brand

We believe that:

Owning Big Data platform with technologies in collecting information, analyzing, handling Vietnamese exactly can bring great efficiency in following the news.

 You must control the images, information, dialogues and comments relating to your brand.

Negative information must be detected and be eliminated in time to assure your business safe.

Is there always someone talking about your brand as well as your products/services? When talking about this, what exactly will they be concerned most?

You must determine that how do they talk about you? How do they compare your products/services with your rivals?