Canh Cam

The merging story between Huge Story and Cánh Cam

The merger between Huge Story and Canh Cam has been finished the second stage including the merger of our offices, labor contracts and brand’s structure.

Cánh Cam will accelerate the implementation progress of digital content production projects in financial field so that Huge can produce. With possessing Huge Story’s available content production progress, Cánh Cam continues to be designated as the contractor for Manulife’s advertising content project.

RecruitingSocial Brand Guideline: at least 05 years experience, master on Google Insureance, ORM. See more: Online Identity

@Canh Cam

Hello Ngọc Vy

The new boss of Social team

With her 3-year experience in SMM, Vy has contributed Bank 3.0 platform for Canh Cam. It’s interesting that her first client at Canh Cam is ACB.

She owns a small cafeteria where you can enjoy the Canh Cam’s coffee flavor in “social” style.

Trâm Quách - Managing Director

Development director Quách Thu Trâm

Art Director Trình Xá

With experiences as Art Director of various projects in Vietnam and US for many years, Trinh Xa has been in charge artistic tasks in order to make Canh Cam become the brand of brands.

With endless passion of making Viet’s brands stay strong and stay shine in domestic market in the time of globalization, he has promoted the vision and the mission of Canh Cam into the new level..

Designer Le Lam Phat – The romantic of Creative team

Being one of the most humorous members of Creative team at Canh Cam, his distinction is the imperishable definitions about internet users.

Creative Director Phung Vinh

Join us

Tư Duy is coming

As the best "fireman" in Cánh Cam after working hours, he is always assigned projects after every 4:30 pm.

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The process

Apply new process and database into creative works

Các nghiên cứu

Our team is ready!

It’s the first research laboratory in Vietnam analyzing Big Data and Green Content and led by Xuan Viet - specialist in Big Data and Green Content. In the first stage, Xuan Viet has led his team executing the Eye Tracking data package for Retail Analytics. Moreover, it’s an exciting fact that Robins Department Store is using this Application.

Our C.E.O

Wolff Olins London Roof Garden

The team for new project includes four members. They are the best “mouse-hunters”. Within the September, there has been 16 Dell’s computer mouses destroyed. It’s a real new Canh Cam’s record.

The creative team is still not inferior. They have focused on the ink refilling. Ngoc Thao has indicated that there were 8 phone calls in total requesting to refill the ink.