Sua Nhanh

Prize: The Trustworthy brand Prize of the year 2014


In office and civil market today, construction companies have just focused on building new works without concerning about warranty, maintenance and when there are some problems of construction, they can not ask anyone for help. Cánh Cam has developed the story “Come immediately, do right away, finish quickly, offer good price – Solving fixing needs speedy”.

Brand Identity

By identifying the characteristic gold and black stripes, the image of Sua Nhanh has become an icon in the industry for repair and maintenance. Cánh Cam has changed the perception of users on skilled repair workers

A utility service for living space. It Is the pioneering brand of maintenance , solution providing service which is ready to serve you!

Currently, with an average of 12 calls and order switching rate of 46% for a day, Cánh Cam is proud of the Sua Nhanh brand’s story