Shop Decor

The story of  Boom-lucky in purchase, increasing  sale

Cánh Cam advises Shop Decor to adapt new images, in order to meet the requirements of the next 5 years’ strategy. With the story of Boom, any retail customer would like to be acquiring great sales experience. Cánh Cam picks the lucky goldfish as the main image on the story brand Shop Decor.

Brand image

Goldfish’s images were chosen because the word “fish” in Chinese is “Yu” sound, pronounced “Yu” rhymes with “Dư” (spare). As a result, the fish symbolizes abundance.Painting fish collaborated with many graphics, other patterns can be understood as “residual” which means “Yes”, i.e. wealth, in excess for eating and saving.

Gold fish combined with Blue symbolizes prosperity, in which Shop Decor desires to bring prosperity to the customer.