Huge Story

The story of endless stories

 — Identification of the Huge Story is created to upgrade how to tell stories visually. Understand the importance of the content of the message wishing to convey and wevstart with the belief from the new brand identity.

 Brand identity

 — Identification of the new focus on endless story. The impressive combination ofsetting and not limited by colors. This solution provides flexibility in the story of the Huge Story.

 — The letter ‘O’ in the word ‘ Story ‘ of one window to open a source of inspirationand creativity in the timeless story.

 Huge Story, a part of Canh Cam

 — With the same capital regulation of Canh Cam, we want to make new identities in order to increase the ability to draw customers primarily in the field of content productionand TVC.

 — The re-positioning brand of Huge Story is reflected on the corporate identity of it. New brand positioning has brought emotional values and functions, not merely responding in terms of functionality.